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Pozitron Plus

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Pozitron Plus - is a protection against electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation, which you can carry with you or place in your living or working rooms.
The basic function of Pozitron Plus is the harmonization of pathogenic spectrum, electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation (mobile radio, WLAN, electricity, networks, Curry Hartmann, water, electrical devices and lines) and subsequently it makes them compatible with the physiological frequencies of humans.

Dr. med. Krunoslav Jelakovic has developed Pozitron Plus, an innovative, highly effective nano tech product that effectively supports us in the fight against electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation.
Pozitron Plus is certainly one of the most important investments we can make in the prevention of our health for a safer and more harmonious life in the fight against pathogenic radiation and interference zones!

Important note:
Pozitron Plus is not a medical device and not a substitute for necessary medical treatment, diagnostics and medicine. The technology used here is not recognized by orthodox medicine and science, because its effect is not proven. Pozitron Plus does not replace a diagnosis and treatment by a doctor.

Radius: 5 meters

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