Dear Revtecs Member,

finally it's time! The pre-launch phase has begun! From now on our new business model is online and you are there right from the start! Welcome to Revtecs 2.0! The pre-launch is the preparation phase. In several steps we will now activate all new modules of the system, new products and much more.

Phase 1
The new back office, the new website with integrated online shop, the first JPP videos and also new documents are at your disposal. The new compensation plan will also be available during the first phase.
This phase has now begun!

Phase 2
In October our new online marketing system Revtecs VICOM will be activated. This will enable you to set up a business that is independent of time zones. Experience the combination of the best online marketing tools in one system.
With the start of the 2nd phase, we will also release
the first two Revtecs e-commerce trading partners with fantastic products that our customers and members should not do without. From this point on, you can also benefit from our new SV Payplan.

Phase 3
In the third pre-launch phase we present our two new product lines. With the Better Live Triangle, we are making our contribution to a plus in health, quality of life and vitality. Experience a unique product line with which you can get the most out of your body. With Revtecs PURE we present a unique product for more sustainability and the protection of our environment. This phase begins in November. From this point on, you can pre-order our new products. Be curious!

Phase 4
In December we plan to start the delivery of our new products. In addition, you can expect the connection of further e-commerce trading partners in this phase. With our new business model, you can experience how our product range will grow steadily in the coming months. Our goal is to offer more than 200 innovative premium products in the areas of wellness and sports, healthy nutrition, body care and innovative technologies. Experience a unique shop where the best products from these areas are available.

Phase 5
The 5th phase is about the expansion in all European countries and subsequently also in selected non-EU countries up to the 1st international convention.

You are one of the first members of our community. Take advantage of the pre-launch phase to build your unique business now. Make the most of the opportunities given to you! Familiarize yourself with our new business model! Use the "Start Now" brochure for the perfect start! It pays off not to consider Revtecs simply as a hobby.

Best regards

Revtecs Network GmbH | Kobergerweg 4 | 5020 Salzburg